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The Danish Experiment: Getting to work in Copenhagen

It's time to get to work for the four Irish creatives taking part in Carlsberg's Danish Experiment in Copenhagen as they get to know the city.

The five-part web series follows the influential group, representing the worlds of music, food, art and fashion, as they join forces with a Danish counterpart to create something amazing.

In this latest episode musician Jay Boland, food trail blazer Kevin Powell, fashion stylist Jo Linehan, and street artist Maser explore their surroundings with their mentor to get a feel for what the Danish way of life is all about and how they can express that through their creative skill set.

Street artist Maser enjoys a guided tour of Copenhagen with Happiness Institute CEO Meik Wiking, before being shown his canvas on which he can reflect his ideas.

On the prospect of creating the art piece, Maser says: "For me, I sit with stuff for a while, that could be a few weeks and if I go travelling on a project, I'll have prep on it. I literally just walked around here. So definitely there's pressure there for sure.


"The space is manageable, I think the biggest challenge is just to find the time to come up with creative that will suit the space as well."

Meik adds: "What I'm really looking forward to is seeing what the Danish Way looks like when Maser puts it on a wall."

Foodies Kevin Powell and Marie Hertz make their way to the Carlsberg Research Laboratory where they meet Director of Brewing Science and Technology, Zoran.

Describing his day-to-day role, Zoran explains: "We talk about beer, we make beer and we drink beer everyday. And honestly there's no better job."


After a tour of the famous brewery, the duo go to work in deciding which ingredients they can take for the epic meal they are set to prepare - and it seems they are both on the same page.

Elsewhere, fashion photographer Polina Vinogradova takes Jo to meet two of her friends - jewellery maker Martina and singer & composer Anya - who will be the subjects of their upcoming shoot.

Polina Vinogradova and Jo Linehan get to work in Copenhagen.

And finally, Jay is being kept busy by visual artist Bobby Anwar as they roam the streets of Copenhagan to find and record as many sounds of the city as they can for their audio visual piece.

"Jay is super easy, we instantly connected," says Bobby. "He just has a really clear vision of what he's trying to do. I think it's about finding a mutual ground where you connect on something.


"In this case we connected over three things; music video and photography."

Jay adds: "I think we'll have something special."

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