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The Danish Experiment: In the creative flow

Four Irish creatives are well and truly in the flow as they take part in Carlsberg's Danish Experiment in Copenhagen.

The web series follows the influential group, representing the worlds of music, food, art and fashion, as they join forces with a Danish counterpart to create something amazing.

In this latest episode musician Jay Boland, food trail blazer Kevin Powell, fashion stylist Jo Linehan, and street artist Maser have all hands on deck as they are in the midst of creating a representation of the Danish way of life.

Jay Boland and visual artist Bobby Anwar meet up in their make shift Copenhagen studio to begin piecing together the sounds and shots they have been collecting from the city during the visit.

With the aim of creating an inspiring audio-visual piece the pair are locked in a room with their equipment and their ideas.


"Whenever I edit I always put bits and pieces in there and just start it from the beginning, and just see the rhythm of it," explained Bobby.

Elsewhere, Jo Linehan and fashion photographer Polina Vinogradova keep their ideas flowing as they finalise their upcoming photoshoot.

The pair then embark on capturing the perfect shots at various locations throughout the city - and perfectly capturing the Danish way of life.

"I can't wait for everyone to see it," said Jo.


Meanwhile, after days of searching the city for the perfect ingredients, Kevin Powell and chef Marie Hertz must now pull it all together to make the most delicious meal for their fellow Danish Experiment participants - and it all starts with a big fire.


And finally, Maser has been taking in everything he can about Copenhagen with the help of Happiness Institute CEO Meik Wiking and has created a huge art piece to reflect his view of the city.

"Every project is a challenge and I think if it was mad easy, well then you could become complacent," Maser said.


"It's been very challenging, I'm not gonna lie."

"It's the Danish Way on a wall," joked Meik.

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