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The Danish Experiment: Meeting the Danes

Carlsberg's Danish Experiment continues this week as we follow the journey of four well-known Irish personalities who have embarked on a trip to Copenhagen.

The five-part web series follows the influential group, representing the worlds of music, food, art and fashion, as they join forces with a Danish counterpart to create something truly fantastic.

During the first episode, we met musician Jay Boland, food trail blazer Kevin Powell, fashion stylist Jo Linehan, and street artist Maser, who spoke of their love for the Danish Way and excitement to see what Carlsberg had in store for them.

This week's episode sees the fab four meeting the Danes who will influence and help with their creative projects.

Maser is paired with Happiness Institute CEO Meik Wiking, who knows all about the Danish way of living - and what makes the country one of happiest.


He said: "I've dedicated my career and my life to these three questions - how can we measure happiness? Why are some people happier than others? And, ultimately, how do we create good conditions for good lives?

"Part of our work is to understand how do cities impact quality of life. We design our cities and then they impact our behaviour  and how we feel about things."

Elsewhere, Jo is paired with fashion photographer Polina Vinogradova, who enlists her help in styling a special photoshoot.

"I already love this city, I can't wait to see it through your eyes," Jo tells her.


Meanwhile, food fanatic Kevin meets chef and author Marie Hertz who shares his passion for food and is eager to create a delicious feast.

She said: "My first memory of food is going to the kitchen garden, collecting onions and salads and stuff, bringing them back to the kitchen, preparing it and then just the satisfaction of us harvesting it and eating it.


"I think it's very interesting to have this with Kevin because he knows so many things that I actually don't, so I think it will be really fun to cook together."

And finally, Jay meets visual artist Bobby Anwar and together they will be creating an audio visual piece that will be inspired by Copenhagen and the Danish way of life.


"I've always been a creative person," Bobby explains. "I'm always looking for that interesting person or moment that's going to happen in front of my lens."

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