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Top marks for results driven innovative partnership

Justin Tohill, Head of ICT Specialist Technology, BT Business in Northern Ireland

The digital economy has become a new reality that touches almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

BT is a leading innovator and investor in driving this forward and in so many cases we work in close partnership with some of the world’s leading tech brands in the market to deliver cutting edge, value for money solutions for customers.

One of our strongest and most enduring technology partnerships is with Cisco and together we have been delivering network and IT solutions across the globe for nearly thirty years. 

This partnership is helping businesses and organisations connect their people, data and customers securely, increasing their agility and reducing any perceived complexity a move to cloud services may have. Together we’re helping customers design and shape their digital future as it becomes a reality.     

Access to fast, secure and reliable wi-fi is now widely regarded as an essential for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes and that includes schools, where it can bring transformational benefits in how teachers educate and how pupils can learn.

Campbell College, a leading day and boarding school in Belfast with over twelve hundred students including over a hundred and fifty boarders, has recently invested in a wi-fi solution from BT across their 100-acre campus with Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking at its heart.

Karl Wilson, Bursar of the College, says: "For any modern boarding school reliable wi-fi is a must. Within the classroom it provides us with greater access to resources and allows teachers to deliver the curriculum in innovative ways and day to day it provides an invaluable link for the boys that board to video-call home.”

It is not just the teachers, students and their parents that have the expectation of exceptional wi-fi. Out of term time, the College is used for residential courses and even weddings. For guests, and in particular those choosing to host a private event, a campus wide, high capacity wi-fi network they can trust is crucial.

Karl says: "A key reason for choosing to work with BT was the support they provide. Campbell College is an historic building and the cabling had to be installed discreetly and in keeping with the surroundings.  BT worked with us throughout the project to make sure this installation went smoothly.”

For Karl there was another crucial factor: “The system’s on-line dashboard is a critical function which allows the IT team to see how wi-fi is being utilized within the College. That is important for us to understand both its usage and to ensure we’re employing it to its full potential.

Graham Childs ICT Specialist with BT in Northern Ireland, says: “Cisco Meraki is one of the most popular cloud-based wi-fi solutions because it’s cost effective, secure and easy to use, particularly for small IT teams. It’s quick to deploy and continually updates itself to protect against the latest security vulnerabilities.” 

"According to Cisco, BT are the leading Cisco wi-fi partner in Northern Ireland with fifteen locally based Cisco Meraki Network Associates.  We are also in a unique position of being a one-stop-shop, we don’t simply offer the wi-fi equipment but the underlying network infrastructure too." 

Karl concludes: "We’re delighted with the new wi-fi service from BT. It’s allowed us to meet the complex needs of the College and the expectations of teachers, pupils, parents and boarders as they make the all-important daily connection with home." 

Being able to focus on the potential that fast, secure wi-fi brings to the classroom is an imperative for both students and staff as the school seeks to ensure pupils are among those best equipped for work in the 21st century.

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