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Want to Kick Start your business with over £200K investment with Lidl? Here's how to apply

KickStart your business with Lidl Northern Ireland.
KickStart your business with Lidl Northern Ireland.

Lidl are on the look out for small and medium businesses across Northern Ireland to take part in their new Kick Start development programme.

What is Kick Start?

Kick Start is a brand new Supplier Development Programme developed by Lidl in conjunction with Bord Bia to give Irish food and drink suppliers the chance to showcase their products in Lidl stores all over the island of Ireland.

How will Kick Start boost your business?

All selected suppliers will be invited to attend two free, comprehensive seminars covering quality control, packaging, marketing & PR building, as well as other important aspects of business development.

Who are Lidl looking for to apply for the Kick Start programme?

Lidl are seeking applications for small and medium sized business owners, start ups, farmers, and people with an interest in agriculture and culinary products.

What is the application process for Kick Start?

The application process will take place over four stages:

Stage 1

Apply online from March 12 2018.

A number of products will then be shortlisted for Lidl's Best of Ireland Promotion. A product sample will be requested if your product is shortlisted.

Stage 2

Kick Start Product Shortlisting

Lidl’s judging panel will choose a number of successful shortlisted products for the promotion.

Successful suppliers will receive an order with a guaranteed quantity for the two week promotional period.

Suppliers will then be invited to take part in two diverse seminars aimed at helping them through the process and teaching them the skills to help grow their business.

Seminars include topics around quality control, marketing, PR, and brand building. In addition to these seminars the chosen suppliers will be fully supported by Lidl in terms of packaging.

Stage 3

The Best of Ireland Promotion - September 2018

High potential suppliers will be chosen to take part in the development programme.

Here suppliers will work closely with Lidl and receive the support and consultancy required to grow and develop a product base suitable for Lidl shelves in Ireland.

Stage 4

Kick Start to Exporting with Lidl

At this stage your product will be on sale in over 192 Lidl stores across Ireland.

Lidl will also choose up to three products to export across Europe.

What kind of businesses have benefited from the Kick Start programme in the past?

Niall Moloney from PowCow, Greek Style Frozen Yogurt in Co. Dublin said:


“Kick Start was a fantastic opportunity for us. It allowed us to partner with one of Europe’s largest retailers and gave us a chance to showcase our products with Lidl. 

“The programme was a great way to learn about how Lidl works. The workshops were ideally timed and were very informative. The Kick Start team did everything they could to ensure we were ready for the launch date.”

Cahill Cheese, Co. Limerick:

“As a small, family run, speciality cheese business, our relationship with Lidl has been hugely beneficial.

"Turnover has trebled since 2010 and our work force has doubled. Most importantly, Lidl have provided us with the required support on every level along the way. We feel that Lidl believe in Cahill’s."

When is the closing date for applications?

Applications close on Sunday, April 15 2018.

Where do I apply?

Click the link to begin your application for Lidl's 2018 Kick Start programme.


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