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Grant NI

Ensure your heating system is working at optimal efficiency 

By Grant NI As temperatures plummet and winter draws closer, many homeowners across Northern Ireland are firing their boilers up for the first time this autumn to discover inefficiencies and inadequacies in their home heating systems. These issues can be spotted through abnormally high home heating bills and fuel consumption rates, homes which take too long to heat up and are difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature, and unreliable systems which leave families out in the cold when they need them most.

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The Big Weekend of Arts 

By Belfast International Arts Festival Belfast International Arts Festival kicked off this week and runs until 3 November in various locations across Belfast. With over 200 events taking place throughout the festival across Belfast, this jam-packed programme has something for everyone. We’ve put together a guide for the biggest weekend of the festival, Fri 25 Oct- Sun 27 Oct. A vibrant mix of dance, theatre, music, talks, tours and art, whether you can spend the weekend, the day, an hour or just a minute (yes, really!) you’ll find your top pick in this guide - we’re sure of it!

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