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Chance to own a very special piece of art: free with Belfast Telegraph


A beautiful watercolour print marking the 400th anniversary of Belfast's first charter is being given away free in the Belfast Telegraph next Friday.

The limited edition artwork, specially commissioned by this newspaper from Joanna Martin, forms part of our Belfast 400 series commemorating four centuries of the city's colourful, industrious and complicated history.

Joanna, from Killyleagh, Co Down, is an experienced freelance graphic designer and illustrator, specialising in commissioned illustrations, graphic design, decorative maps and linocut prints.

She was the perfect person for the job as the hallmarks of her approach are attention to detail and visual appeal.

"To be commissioned by the Belfast Telegraph was very exciting," Joanna said.

"I have an attachment to some of the buildings, so it was lovely for me."

Indeed, Joanna's family were involved in the construction of many of Belfast's landmark buildings including City Hall, the Grand Opera House and St George's Market, which are all featured on the new quality print.

Her father, brothers and cousins all continue work at the family firm H&J Martin Ltd, which was founded in 1839.

The company is going strong and recently completed projects include the City Hospital Oncology Unit and the Royal Victoria Hospital's forensic building.

Joanna is very proud of the construction firm's long tradition of building and refurbishment which shapes and transform the landscapes of Belfast and beyond.

She explained her career path was heavily influenced by her father's collection of prints of Ireland and her passion for sailing.

"My inspiration came from the fact we do a lot of sailing on Strangford Lough – it was the first print I did," Joanna said.

"It all started from there and my dad collects old prints of ports of Ireland, so I was inspired by those as well.

"The maps I've completed all mean something to me.

"The latest one I've done is of the Fermanagh Lakes, which is coming out quite soon."

Joanna's work is available from a variety of outlets, including The Wickerman, The Yard and The Crafty Fox.

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