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Free Make Your Own Website Booklets

Imagine, with no previous experience, after just 3 lessons you have made your own website with pictures, videos and links and put it online for free. Now imagine that you've done that and you're 8 years old!

The Belfast Telegraph have teamed up with a Go Berserk- a company that is passionate about teaching kids real code to make their own websites. We are giving away 3 lesson booklets with the Belfast Telegraph on Wed 25, Thur 26 and Fri 27 February that will enable anyone from 8 upwards to make their own website. 

Go Berserk believe that learning these skills will allow our children  take advantage of the IT jobs and opportunities in the growing digital economy.   Go Berserk have also seen how learning code increases the confidence and reasoning skills of every child, particularly children who are considered to be low achievers or children with special educational needs. With Go Berserk, they come away able to take charge of their own digital destinies, and with skills that are usually taught in universities – we are confident we are producing the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs in Northern Ireland.


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