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FREE Make your own website booklets with your Belfast Telegraph 2nd-4th September

From Wednesday 2nd - Friday 4th September collect your FREE Go Berserk website design booklets with the Belfast Telegraph.

This 3 part series, produced for children aged 8 and up, teaches the fundamentals of web design such as inserting text, images, hyperlinks and video. The booklets also provide an introduction to CSS, the language used to style a web page which can control things such as the size, colour and position of content.

The Go Berserk series is a fun way to help your child learn more about computing and have their very own web site in the internet!

Booklet 1

  • Creating a splash page

Booklet 2

  • Creating a splash page
  • Using tables

Booklet 3

  • Using tables
  • Adding a logo
  • Adding images
  • Moving text
  • Print buttons
  • YouTube videos
  • Spinning images

Read our story on the Go Berserk programme here.

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