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Register your Key Stage 2 pupils for our January cross-curricular project My Place My People

This project gives pupils the opportunity to look closely at the place where they live and the people who make up their community in a fun way.

Each pupil will receive:

  • A 16-page colour workbook filled with cross-curricular activities
  • A glossy a map of Northern Ireland
  • Postcard detailing air miles from Belfast and details of major cities across the world
  • A copy of the Belfast Telegraph each Wednesday with a specially written page

Optional projects include:

  • The Reading Passport (Years 5-7): A passport-sized booklet taking pupils through various aspects of the newspaper
  • Paper Chase (Years 3 or 4): Takes young pupils through the newspaper in a fun way
  • Press Packers (Key Stage 2): Encourages pupils to write their own newspaper complete with articles and advertisements
  • The Maths Challenge (Key Stage 2): Gives pupils the opportunity to develop their numeracy skills in a real life world of work situation

Register by Wednesday 13th January

Tel: 028 9026 4000



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