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Savour the classics with free Ulster Orchestra CD in today's Belfast Telegraph

Make sure to pick up your free CD along with today’s copy of the Belfast Telegraph.

In conjunction with the Ulster Orchestra, the paper is giving away the free CD featuring some of the highlights of this year’s programme.

The eight-track CD features a variety of classical pieces, from Baroque composer Bach right through to an arrangement from modern musical maestro Leonard Bernstein; the latter chosen as the orchestra’s first female conductor, JoAnn Falletta, had previously studied with him in the US.

The collection also features a piece from the world-famous opera Carmen by French composer Bizet, as well as a piece by Belfast’s own Howard Ferguson.

Ulster Orchestra chief executive Declan McGovern said the idea was to create a collection that would appeal to all.

“Our theme for the programme is ‘World of Music’ so we have tried to spread the music through as many countries as possible.

“I envisaged people playing the CD in their cars and so we wanted to make sure that each track was equally addictive and that there wouldn’t be an opportunity to turn it off.”

He said he hoped the CD would help draw listeners into investigating classical music further. Whether you’re a lover of all things classical or have a passing interest make sure you ask your newsagent or vendor for your free copy today.


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