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8 reasons why you should change your electricity supplier today

Are you looking for a reliable electricity supplier in Northern Ireland, rewarding customer loyalty? With Electric Ireland, you can switch and save and get £50 today and £25 every year after (*).

1. You may not know this but Electric Ireland is the top ranked energy supplier in NI, according to a new Energy Company Satisfaction survey by Which? It also scored higher than any GB supplier.

2. Electric Ireland offers the most relevant, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

3. You can get £50 today and £25 every year after. Billpay customers receive £50 credit on their first bill upon switching and receive £25 every 12 months after joining Electric Ireland(*).

4. Switching to Electric Ireland is simple, straightforward and easy – it only takes 5 minutes via telephone or online. Call 0345 600 5335 or go to to switch today.

5. Electric Ireland is committed to rewarding customer loyalty in a simple and straightforward way, with a simple tariff when switching and very clear cash bonuses for paying by direct debit, using online billing and loyalty bonuses for keypad customers.

6. Electric Ireland has its customers at its heart and its Sales and Customer Care staff are local people based in Belfast.

7. Electric Ireland is reliable. It’s part of the ESB Group which has supplied energy to households in Ireland for 90 years and has been operating in the business energy market in Northern Ireland since 2001.

8. Did you know? The ESB Group owns and operates the NIE Networks distribution business, Coolkeeragh ESB power station and five wind farm sites in Northern Ireland employing 1,200.

(*) Billpay customers receive £50 credit upon switching, appears on their first bill. They then receive £25 (£20 for paying via Direct Debit and £5 for having an online account) every 12 months after joining us.

You can make the switch to Electric Ireland by visiting or call 0345 600 5335 You can find out more on the Electric Ireland’s website.


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