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Barry 'The Blender' Henderson offers up his techniques to get tough on 'litterizers' messing up the countryside

Northern Ireland's self-proclaimed mixed martial arts legend Barry 'The Blender' Henderson has vowed to get tough on "litterizers" running about the picturesque countryside and chucking rubbish everywhere.

Henderson - the comic creation of comedian Colin Geddis - is spreading the "Live Here, Love Here" anti-litter message and has developed a number of interesting techniques to deal with "litterizers" who are intent on dropping their rubbish about the place.

The aim of the campaign is to make people think about what they are doing by dropping litter and to reduce the annual £43m cost of keeping streets clean.

Jodie McAneaney, "Live Here, Love Here" manager said: "Littering in Northern Ireland is a £43m problem costing the average rate payer £58.12. 95% of streets contain some form of litter and one in eight fail the cleanliness standard.

"Historically one of the main groups of offenders is young males so this year we’ve teamed up with alternative comedian Barry The Blender Henderson to unleash a series of videos aimed at getting this audience to rethink their behaviour. 

“'Litterizers' which is being seeded out online might be humorous but the underlying message is not.

"We should all love where we live and act more responsibly if we are to build greener, litter free sustainable communities for the future. If this innovative approach with Barry can help to reduce the amounts litter strewn across our land and in our waterways, this is a positive result."

The "Live Here, Love Here" campaign is administered by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, the environmental charity which works towards the vision of a beautiful Northern Ireland by inspiring people to take responsibility for creating cleaner, greener and more sustainable communities.

Activity is focused on changing behaviour, encouraging consideration and affecting change. 

The province-wide "Live Here, Love Here" campaign is aimed at promoting civic pride and a community can-do attitude by improving environmental quality.


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