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Retirement is a stage of life most of us look forward to. But having sufficient funds to enjoy it can sometimes be a worry. Purchasing power has been hit hard over the last few years as a combination of increased inflation, falling pension payouts, and low returns on savings continue to hinder retirement plans.

But, despite this, there are plenty of people who are still intent on living the good life. With this in mind, Belfast Telegraph Retirement Services have teamed up with Key Retirement Solutions to help guide you through the services you may need when planning your retirement.

Richard McClean, Managing Director of the Belfast Telegraph says: “We are joining forces with Key Retirement Solutions to offer our readers essential help and information on how to make their hard earned retirement funds go further. We chose to work with Key to ensure that our customers receive reliable support from a respected and trustworthy source.”

Paul Wilson, Managing Director of Key, says: "It is a pleasure to be working in partnership with the Belfast Telegraph. Having come from Belfast it makes me proud to be further expanding our retirement solutions in Northern Ireland so that readers can benefit from our award winning services. Investment in the province is a big focus for us.”

Find out more about our services:

Equity Release

Pension Annuities

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Alternatively, you can find out more about how we can help you and order free guides on the Belfast Telegraph Retirement Services website.


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