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Don't be surprised by snap General Election, get registered to vote, urges Electoral Commission

May 22 deadline for registering to vote

This June the Northern Ireland public will be called to the polls for the fourth time in 12 months - and the Electoral Commission is urging everyone eligible to cast a vote to make sure they can.

Prime Minister Theresa May stunned the political world when she called for a General Election in April after previously stating she would not require one.

After two Assembly elections and a European referendum, it will be the fourth time the Northern Ireland public goes to the polls in the space of a year.

There have been reports of people showing up to vote, only to be left disappointed that they were not properly registered to have their say.

The Electoral Commission - keen to make sure everyone who wants to can - is urging the public, that if they want to vote they need to be on the register before the May 22 deadline.

Anyone who is a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen can register to vote. You can only vote if your name is on the register for electors.

For an application form visit Your Vote Matters. Completed application forms need to be with your local electoral office. It can not be submitted online.

The election takes place on June 8.

Candidates for each constituency will be all selected by Thursday, May 11.

If you wish to apply for a postal vote, or a proxy vote, the deadline for applying is Thursday, May 18.

To be able to cast your vote at a polling station you will need photo identification. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • UK or Irish passport
  • UK, Irish or EEA driving licence
  • UK Translink Senior Smartpass
  • Translink 60+ Smartpass
  • Translink War Disabled Smartpass
  • Translink Blind Person's Smartpass
  • Electoral Identity Card

Identification does not need to be current, but the presiding officer at the polling station must be satisfied that the picture matches the person intending to vote.


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