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Get more from your overseas transfers and payments

With no transfer fees and bank-beating exchange rates foreign exchange companies can save you up to 5% on your international payment transfers.

Foreign exchange specialists change money from one currency into another, and unlike the banks, there don’t hide charges and their exchange rates are always bank-beating.

Rates that get results for you

Whether it’s a one-off payment, or long-term regular payments you need to make, there will be currency experts there to help you every step of the way, giving you complete peace of mind.

Let’s see some examples:

  • Matthew Connelly decided to emigrate to Australia and found a property he wanted to buy at $520,000. Transferring his money with the bank would have cost him £305,932 whereas Currencies Direct would only cost £288,889. Our rates saved him £17,018* - that’s enough for him to build an extension!
  • Or Mary Simpson, who didn’t feel she was getting the most from her payments using a bank. Sally was regularly transferring large sums of her savings and each time the bank was charging her transfer fees. Now Sally has no transfer fees and a currency expert to guide her through making her monthly transfer to ensure she gets the most from her money.

*Rate comparison on 17/04/2014

Service fit for a King or Queen

Make things easy. If you need to make regular transfers or one-off payments, online, offline or over the phone, a currency experts will give you the best guidance in way that ensures you get the most from your transfers. If you would like extra peace of mind, you can even track your money throughout the transaction.

Products tailored to you

Getting the most from your money relies a lot on the timing. Rates fluctuate constantly and are often hard to predict. That’s why we offer products such as Rate Watch. This product lets you know when your preferred rate has been hit. A currency expert will watch the market for you and contact you once your target has been hit.

Or you may prefer a Forward Contract. This product allows customers to fix an exchange rate for up to year. This is great for customers who need to make regular transfers or like today’s rate but do not need to transfer yet.

A Spot Contract is handy for those one-off transfers. We simply would agree rate on the spot and send your money straight away. As easy as it gets!

Just need to make regular payments? Then a Regular Transfer product is perfect for you. Remove all the hassle and set up a Direct Debit - and even fix the exchange rate for up to one year if you want.

Whether you need to transfer money quickly across your account, make one large payment or send money on a regular basis a foreign exchange specialist will find that right product that works for you.


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