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If you know someone with a dementia, don’t be a stranger.

Some people with a dementia find that after their diagnosis friends and acquaintances may not visit as much or even lose contact.

Danny Brown and his son Danny also feature in the ‘Still Me’ campaign.
Danny Brown and his son Danny also feature in the ‘Still Me’ campaign.

Often this is because people don’t know very much about dementia, don’t feel confident about how to communicate with someone with a dementia or are afraid they might be intruding.

But keeping in contact is important for someone with dementia and can make all the difference to them.

Life doesn't end when dementia begins and someone with a dementia can live well for a long time after their diagnosis, especially if they have a good support network.

Evelyn and Jean who feature in the recent ‘Still Me’ campaign are lifelong friends. Evelyn’s diagnosis hasn’t changed that and just as before her diagnosis, Evelyn loves catching up with her friend Jean, going for coffee, enjoying day trips and music.

If you have a friend or family member with a dementia diagnosis, support them by keeping in contact and continuing with the hobbies, activities and pastimes that they’ve always enjoyed.

Danny Brown and his son Danny also feature in the ‘Still Me’ campaign. Danny is very proud of how his dad has dealt with his dementia diagnosis, particularly his positive attitude to life. Danny supports his dad and the two enjoy spending time together.

I just love the garden! In the summer I've been in the garden some mornings at seven o'clock right up until half ten at night.

Danny is aware of the stigma attached to dementia, but is thankful of the care and support he has every day.

Yes you can fear it, but you've got to encompass it. There are a lot of people out there tripping over themselves to help you.

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