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Lidl NI urges customers to become its authentic voice

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Lidl is urging its customers in Northern Ireland to become the "authentic voice" of the growing supermarket chain.

The retailer is launching an innovative new campaign featuring a call to action for the unvarnished views of customers as expressed through social media.

Opinions gathered via Twitter, Facebook and other online forums will be promoted through Lidl NI to portray the real voice of shoppers.

"We're handing the voice of Lidl over to our customers," said a Lidl NI spokesperson.

"After today, our advertising will feature the authentic and unvarnished views of our customers, as expressed by them on Twitter, Facebook and other online forums.

"Please feel free to join in. Your comments and points of view are warmly welcomed.

"You can find us on Twitter @lidl_ni and".

Lidl NI is a rapidly-expanding supermarket chain that has committed itself to both competitive pricing and the promotion of quality local produce.

The company is known for its value pricing, wide variety of local produce and competitively priced hardware, clothes and other goods.

Lidl - which has 36 stores in Northern Ireland and plans to open another in Belfast's High Street - currently works with many Northern Irish suppliers including Doherty & Gray, Linden Foods, Dale Farm, Willowbrook Foods, Moy Park, Dunbia and Premier Bakeries to name but a few.

Although committed to value, Lidl also offers a Deluxe range catering to customers looking for more premium products.

* Let Lidl NI know your views: Twitter @lidl_ni and


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