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Put the wind in your sails - Foreign exchange solutions for the yachting industry

Save up to 5% on overseas money transfers & payments

The beautiful blue oceans, the adventure, the sea breeze against your face. The impressive view of the sun slipping behind the liquid horizon, the peace and freedom, the sound of the waves. Exotic coasts, the smell of the ocean, waking up to the sound of the seagulls every morning…

No wonder you love the life at the sea.

A dazzling range of yachts and the promise of a luxurious life crossing the seven seas have lured thousands of foreign investors to the nautical industry. However small or large your yacht, it requires a considerable monetary investment. Whether it’s purchasing it, equipping it or getting a crew on board.

Get your anchor aweigh with no foreign exchange pain

It’s easy to get swept away by the sweet smell of the sea. However, at some point, practical considerations will creep in – like how you’re going to transfer your hard-earned money to France to seal the deal on your dream yacht.

The world of foreign currency can be a strange and confusing place. If you’re making overseas transfers for the first time, it’s easy to get a bad deal or lose a lot of money without realising it – until it’s too late.

You might not know that, if you use your local or high street bank, you could lose thousands in transfer fees and unfavourable exchange rates.

Whether you’re chartering your yacht or someone else’s, buying or selling an asset overseas, relocating to a new country, or you simply need to transfer money across borders for personal expenses or operational costs, you’ll be better off with an experienced currency transfer specialist. Companies like Currencies Direct have been helping people transfer funds abroad quickly, simply and cost-effectively since 1996.

Using a specialist means getting a better exchange rate, and usually a lot less in fees and hidden charges. In fact, you could save up to 5% by choosing one instead of a high street bank.

Living the simple life

Contact a currency expert to get more information. You shouldn’t be baffled with jargon or hit with any hidden costs, and any money you transfer will be sent quickly.

Living the simple life means you can enjoy your life at sea. And let the experts sort out the foreign currency needed to make it happen.

Savings speak louder

If you buy a yacht today for €1,000,000 and transfer the funds with your bank, in average it would’ve cost you £838,947 (that’s at a bank’s average exchange rate of €1.19, plus transfer fees).

However, the same transfer with the new Belfast Telegraph Money Transfers service it would’ve cost you £813,008 (by eliminating transfer fees and receiving fees from the picture, and using a much friendly rate of €1.23).

By knowing your options and choosing a foreign exchange specialist instead of your bank you could’ve saved £25,939. That might be more than enough to redecorate the interiors.

Now, that’s something worth considering.

Rates correct on 01/06/14

Don’t walk the plank without looking at your option

Every type of overseas transfer has a service tailored to help you. ‘Learn to discern’ which products will work best for you and make your life easier – as well as making your money go further.

Use spot contracts for – Moving money quickly across your accounts.
Use forward contracts for – Future yacht purchases when you want today’s rate.
Use regular transfers for – Paying your crew’s salary.
Use limit orders for – Maximum benefit when exchange rates move in your favour.
Use rate watch for – Keeping an eye on the currency markets.


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