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Staying happy as an expat

The rewards of emigrating can be huge - warm weather, a relaxed pace of life and cheaper living costs so salaries and pensions go a lot further. But moving abroad can be tough. It throws up all kinds of challenges, from arranging a mortgage in a foreign country to setting up a bank account overseas.

It’s no wonder, then, that some expats are happier than others. But it seems a lot of it’s down to the country we choose.

Dr David Bartram, of the University of Leicester, researched migrants from the UK and five other northern European countries who moved to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. These traditional expat hotspots are among the favourite places Britons move to but he found expats were often not as happy as those that had stayed at home.

In the research paper, which was presented at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference last month, the academic notes that “migration itself can be disruptive to other dimensions of people’s lives – social ties, sense of belonging – possibly with consequences for their happiness”.

Last year a global survey showed British people living abroad are happiest in Canada, with Australia second and China bottom. Clearly the weather is not the key issue - language and cultural barriers must be considered as a part of the happiness equation when moving overseas.

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