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Top 10 packing tips before you fly this summer

Check out these 10 tips to pack like a pro

You've booked the flights to your island in the sun and found the ideal boutique hotel. Now comes the dreaded task of packing two weeks worth of killer bikinis, sandals and dresses into your chic suitcase.

The experts at Aer Lingus have got together and helpfully compiled their top packing tips below so that you can laugh in the face of clothes piles and pack like a pro.

1. Savvy luggage

Choose a lightweight suitcase or bag so that you can pack more in. A hard shell suitcase can add up to four kilogrammes of weight before you've even started packing. Remember to keep your valuables in your hand luggage.

2. Cull your holiday clothes pile

Lay your holiday clothes out on your bed and then get rid of a third of the items.

Chances are you’ll spend most of your days in your swimwear. Be prepared to travel in your heaviest clothing for example a jacket or sweatshirt that you might need for cooler evenings.

3. Keep rollin’

To save creasing and the dreaded prospect of having to iron on your holiday, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Stick your underwear and socks into any gaps or dead space in your suitcase.

4. Vac pack

Think about vacuum-packing bulky clothes or towels into tight bundles to increase suitcase space. Packing cubes come in handy when you want to keep items separate.

5. If you can buy it there, don’t pack it

Unless you can’t live without a certain brand of shampoo, conditioner or body wash it’s a good idea to buy your nonessential toiletries when you get there. It can work out a lot cheaper, especially if the items are bulky.

6. Keep electronics and gadgets together

Stash all your chargers, cables and adaptors in one plastic bag so you’ll be able to find them easily as and when you need them.

7. Avoid pulls, marks or stains

Turn your delicate clothes inside out before packing and use old disposable shower caps to cover your sandals and flip flops, if you don’t have shoe bags.

8. Dodge make-up catastrophes

To stop your pressed compact powder, blusher and favourite eye shadows cracking and turning to dust during your travels, place a flat cotton wool pad between the powder and the lid.

9. Leaky luggage

To prevent shampoos, moisturisers and sun cream leaking over your clothes, remove the lid of the container, place cling film over the opening, replace the lid and seal the gap where the lid meets the bottleneck.

10. Striking suitcase

To save time when you arrive at your destination, use luggage tags, a ribbon or stickers to easily identify your suitcase as it comes out of the luggage carousel.

Bon voyage, send us a postcard and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!


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