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The Belfast Telegraph has launched a paywall because real stories are worth paying for.

Tell it like it is

Honest journalism you can trust is priceless.

For 150 years Northern Ireland has trusted the Belfast Telegraph to tell it like it is. Without fear or favour, we are the trusted news, written for Northern Ireland, by people here in Northern Ireland.

As we continue to tell it like it is, we look for your continued support. Please click here to subscribe to Belfast Telegraph for less than £1.99 per week.

Why do you charge to read your content?

We have listened to our readers who have told us what is important to them: quality, impartial, trustworthy reporting and journalism on what matters most to the people of Northern Ireland.

This means we will continue to invest in great journalism, great journalists and writers for our titles. To maintain this quality, we will launch a subscription service on belfasttelegraph.co.uk.

We hope that you, like we do, will consider this worth paying for.

Am I still able to read Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life for free?

Yes, some content continues to be free on the website and the App, however premium journalism from the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life is only available to subscribers.

Where can I subscribe?

You can find out more about our premium bundles and subscribe here.

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