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The partner of choice in renewable sources

Since its inception, Action Renewables has assisted the renewable energy industry, driven policy, and encouraged competition to develop a more profitable and sustainable market for developers and investors.

Action Renewables has also been extremely responsive to the needs of the market, and has been very successful in innovating to meet those needs.

One example of this is when the organisation entered the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) trading market in 2010.

Action Renewables utilised its knowledge of renewable energy technologies and markets to leverage out the best value contracts for ROCs and export for clients - these typically now see client's revenue boosted by 30% against the alternative - and the organisation prides itself on creating transparent contracts which include no auction, administration, or 'hidden' fees.

Clients also receive a free OFGEM accreditation service which provides one-to-one customer service and expert advice throughout.

Recently Action Renewables entered the smaller scale (micro-generators) ROC market and immediately set about working with the utility regulator, DETI, the Consumer Council, and Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE). With the government turning its back on incentivising green technology, the UK has witnessed considerable cuts to green incentives and renewable energy. We can only assume that there is now real pressure on Stormont to follow suit on this matter.

In response to pressures affecting the industry, Action Renewables recognises the need for assertive lobbying on behalf of the entire renewables industry in Northern Ireland.

The organisation wants to enable development of sound renewable energy policy that allows the market to mature and grow, so that it maintains and encourages the investment that has created many jobs and great benefit for the local economy.

To do this, Action Renewables is launching a new initiative to act as a forum for the industries concerns, to advocate for them, and to protect and grow the renewable sector in the coming years.

The organisation's vision is to be the partner of choice for renewable energy solutions. It knows that the industry has a long way to go and wants to engage in partnerships to make it happen. Aside from ROC accreditation and trading, Action Renewables offers a range of services to support the industry including:

1: Conducting independent expert feasibility studies to show businesses and individuals how they can achieve real cost savings through the uptake of renewable energy.

2: Action Renewables is the only Micro Generation Certification (MCS) body in NI providing quality assurance to micro-generators.

3: We provide a full turnkey Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditation service, removing all the administrative burden from installers by dealing with independent meter reading reports, heat loss calculations, submission to OFGEM and dealing with all queries raised by OFGEM.

4: We offer an ESOS compliance package ensuring that our clients fulfil their obligation to comply with the ESOS requirements and deliver their reports to the Environment Agency by the December 5, 2015 deadline.

Action Renewables wants to be the partner of choice for renewable energy solutions. To find out about it can help you, contact: Rachel on 028 9072 7771 or by email:


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