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A twelve round Q&A with Frank Warren


Frank Warren.

Frank Warren.

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Frank Warren.

Ahead of Carl Frampton's first fight working with Frank Warren, we got to know the promoter a little better. Here's how it went:

Q What do you like most about boxing?

A There is no sport like it, it’s the toughest of all the sports and the preparation and discipline that is needed means that it is only exceptional people who can do it. Footballers, tennis players, golfers are all allowed a bad day and it doesn’t really effect their careers — for boxers it’s all on the one night. I also love the fact that it gives people a chance through their God-given talent to make a better life for themselves.

Q What do you dislike most about boxing?

A I dislike the fact that 10 or 12 years ago I could have done a deal with a handshake, 85 per cent of my deals were done that way, but that’s now gone. There’s not the same trust within the business.

Q  Who are the top three fighters you have promoted?

A Joe Calzaghe has to be up there, he retired unbeaten but I believe could have been a better fighter than he was. Naseem Hamed was the most talented of them all. At one point I thought he was the best thing I’d seen in boxing but then he started to cut corners in training… Ricky Hatton was a great crowd pleaser but I also promoted Marco Antonio Barrera so he must be up there.

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Q Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

A I would say my uncle Bob. He was a tough guy, a very shrewd guy and a proper person who didn’t stand any nonsense and did the right thing. His word was his bond.

Q What is your best characteristic?

A I have a good work ethic and I am driven, I’m a grafter.

Q What is your worst characteristic?

A I trust too much, even today after all I’ve been through.

Q Who are your sporting heroes?

A When I was a kid the centre forward Joe Baker came to Arsenal and I loved him. Frank McLintock was a great captain for Arsenal, Muhammad Ali — though Sugar Ray Leonard was my favourite fighter — and Carlos Monzon the great middleweight.

Q What’s your earliest memory?

A Going to the pictures with my mum to watch Calamity Jane.

Q What four people from history would you want as dinner guests?

A Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra — who I promoted in London — and Groucho Marx

Q What has been the lowest point of your life?

A When the financial crash came in the late ‘80s I had London Arena and it went into administration. It took a lot to fight back from that but I did it.

Q What has been the highest point of your life?

A My kids being born, family.

Q How do you want to be remembered?

A ALWAYS being fair with people.

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