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Belfast boxer Paddy Barnes 'doesn't really know' crime boss Kinahan

Paddy Barnes has moved to distance himself from Daniel Kinahan, following a tweet which pictured him alongside the crime boss.

The boxer was responding after he posted a picture on social media in which he posed alongside Kinahan.

Speaking to The Irish Daily Star, Barnes said: “I don’t really know him other than what’s in the press. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know who the guy is.”

The picture was taken at a boxing event in Portugal and also features several other boxers and managers including Jamie Conlan, the older brother of Michael.

Paddy Barnes wrote alongside the image on his Twitter account: “Hey, @djk256 didn’t even know we had a picture together! Sure to cause a sh*t storm”.

The MGM is run by Matthew Macklin, a retired boxer and friend of Daniel Kinahan. Neither Barnes or Macklin have any involvement in criminality.

Barnes (29) previously said Kinahan could sit in his corner if he so wished, saying: “If he wants to sit in my corner, he can sit in my corner”.

When asked about these comments, Barnes said: "That was misinterpreted. It's just lies."

Gardai believe that Kinahan (39) has taken over his father Chirsty Snr’s organised crime enterprise in recent years, and was previously arrested in Spain as part of a massive operation targeting the cartel.

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