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Carl Frampton: I'll be back in December to prepare for 2020 world title fight

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

By Carl Frampton in the Sunday Life

They say that every setback just prepares you for a greater comeback and the anger I had after not being able to fight last weekend has been replaced with an even greater desire to become a world champion again.

After the various twists and turns in my career over the past two years, there's no doubt in my mind that another world title victory would be the best of the lot.

As everyone knows, I was to have boxed Emmanuel Dominguez in Philadelphia on August 10, but on the Monday afternoon before it, I suffered a freak injury when this seven foot, 50kg ornament fell on me and I cracked my hand.

It is medically known as a 'non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal mid-shaft', which is otherwise known as a boxer's fracture.

It's the kind of thing happens when someone hits someone on the head in a pub fight or it can easily happen in the ring when you hit someone on the top of the head. With me, it was a freestanding ornament and I still can't quite believe that it happened.

But, it has and after getting home from the States, I have been advised by doctor Michael Eames in Hillsborough that it will be another eight weeks before I will be ready to punch again with my left hand. Initially in America, they said around four to six weeks.

Carl Frampton's X-ray. Credit: Sunday Life

So, my plan is to box again in America in December and my team are already looking at a couple of dates and then there is a real possibility that I would fight for a world title around March or April - at featherweight or super-featherweight.

I know immediately after the injury, I said I wanted to go straight for a world title shot, but thinking rationally, it makes sense to have a fight before that because I have been out of the ring for so long.

After I return home from my holiday with Christine, Carla and Rossa in Turkey, I'll be checked again by Dr Eames and I'll have a better idea of where I'm at with the injury, but I'm keen to start running and maybe do some weights when I get home.

If there is one positive thing to come out of my whole experience in Philadelphia, then it has to be the 12-week training camp that I had with my coach, Jamie Moore. It was so disciplined and intense and I sparred very well and I knew I was ready for a big performance.

The big downside is that after totalling everything up, I reckon that I will be close to £50,000 out of pocket with all the expenses I had around the fight.

But after that ornament fell on me, I could only think just how much worse it could have been if it had hit me on the head, or worse still if my children, Carla or Rossa, had been on my knee and it had connected with them. Believe me, we would have been talking about a much darker story.

That whole day was strange because I woke up to a load of text messages from people back home, due to the time difference, with people wondering if Dominguez had pulled out, so I checked with the promoter, Top Rank, and they said there was no problem. So I spent time texting people back reassuring them that the fight was on and then of course a few hours later, it was off. I did my best amid all the chaos to text as many friends as possible to say why it was off, but then of course we had the conspiracy theorists on social media coming up with their own ideas, which was just crazy.

The fact is the ornament had holes at the bottom where screws should have been placed to keep it secure, but it wasn't, so as I was sitting on the phone, this thing came crashing down and smashed the marble table in front of me into four pieces. The part of my hand that got hit didn't actually break, it was when my hand hit the table.

Frampton hand 3.jpg
In Frampton's twitter video, he showed damage to a table in the lobby of the hotel.

The strange thing is that for an hour, we were trying to find out where to go to get it seen and the people in the hotel never came near us. We got my hand in some ice and then made our way to the hospital. Along the way, the pain just got worse and after being seen, the doctor told me it was broken.

In some ways, I'm glad he made the decision for me, that I coudn't fight, because I know that deep down if it had only been very badly swollen, I would have been tempted to fight after getting the swelling down and taking a cortisone injection.

I was really angry because it was such a stupid injury that could and should have been prevented and I was angry for the money people had ultimately wasted having booked to come out to support me and also the fact I had been away from my family for 12 weeks.

It also didn't help that the Manchester boxing coach and former fighter, Anthony Farnell, commented that they couldn't screw everything down in a hotel. It took all my will power not to get into a Twitter spat with him. His comment was idiotic. Of course in such a heavy foot-trafficed area an ornament of that size should be secured to the floor. What a clown!

Within 36 hours, I was on my way home and feeling very angry with life, but that all changed when I got to Lusty Beg, straight off the plane, for a break with Christine and the kids. We met a friend of a big supporter of mine, who told me a story about someone who had been going through some real trauma in her life and immediately everything was put into perspective.

I'll enjoy my holiday in Turkey and then focus on being ready for December and the road to another world title.

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