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Carl Frampton must be smarter in any rematch: Moore


Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton
David Kelly

By David Kelly

Coach Jamie Moore is adamant that Carl Frampton would win a rematch with Josh Warrington but would equally support the Belfast man if he decides to call time on a great career.

Moore said: "Do I believe that Carl wins a rematch? Absolutely if he sticks to the right tactics. He can beat Josh tactically.

"But I've told him to go away and not think about boxing for two months and then see if the determination is still there to want to be a champion again and if he is happy with what he has achieved and wants to spend time with his family then I would be happy with that because I'm a people person first and foremost."

Moore admitted that he had to battle with Frampton in the corner so he would box the way he wanted him to after becoming embroiled in a barnstorming opening three rounds which gave IBF featherweight champion Warrington a crucial head-start.

While fight fans will remember the duel for as long as there is boxing in the UK, Moore feels the Jackal could have made life easier for himself.

"In the first round as soon as he got hit he started doing what he should never have been doing and that was trading with Warrington. As soon as he got into that mode it was hard to get out of it - his pride got the better of him," said Moore.

"He was wobbled badly in the second round and after three rounds it was like he had done eight rounds because they had taken so much gas out of him. I told him at the end of the third round that if he didn't start doing what I wanted, which was get back to his boxing, then he would lose the fight. Massive credit to him because in that moment of real pressure he listened and went out and won the round with his boxing.

"That shows you the measure of the man, that he could regroup after such a torrid start and win the round with the tactics he should have used from the start. To be honest, 99 per cent of fighters would have been stopped in that fight after such a start."

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