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Carl Frampton ready to box the fight of his life against Scott Quigg and 'prove natural talent beats manufactured product'

By Carl Frampton

The moment of truth for myself and Scott Quigg is now just FIVE days away and I am ready to give the fans a night they will talk about for years to come.

A fighter will always say they’ve had a good camp but I can honestly say that those who have been around me leading up to this fight, particularly in the last two to three weeks, have never seen me look this good. Some of the sparring sessions are the best I’ve ever been.

I did 12 rounds one day and it was the best I’ve ever boxed, I’ve been so switched on. I had two guys and I was able to go through the gears and empty the tank.

This will not be the defining fight of my career but it will be one that people talk about. There’s going to be bigger fights but people are going to remember this as the year Frampton hammered Quigg in Manchester and Northern Ireland went to the Euros and got out of the group and beat Germany 3-0 and everybody lived the dream...

I want people to remember the atmosphere and I hope they keep singing the whole way through because there could be a lull when I’m punching the head off him. I really believe it could be that one-sided.

It could be like when Jeff Lacy fought Joe Calzaghe for the world super-middleweight title in the Manchester Arena. Lacy was a big puncher and he went into that fight with most people expecting him to win a war but Calzaghe put on one of the best ever British boxing displays. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s similar to that.

Quigg will have guts but will he have guts when he’s getting hit hard? He’ll not want to get knocked out, he’s a proud guy but when he comes forward and takes chances that’s when it could happen, he could get knocked out.

The Quigg camp clearly believe that the way they can beat me is by getting under my skin to wind me up and they’ve been trying it for weeks now but it’s not going to work. I’m the coolest guy in the changing room, chatting and listening to music, you wouldn’t think I’m getting ready for the fight.

I don’t particularly like Joe Gallagher and Eddie Hearn, I have more respect for Quigg than those two. People say they’re getting under my skin, I don’t feel anything towards them, they’re clowns to me, they don’t annoy me.

I can have a big rant with Quigg at a press conference and then go and have something to eat and forget about it right away.

I’m good at separating the boxing business from the rest of my life. I don’t eat, sleep and drink boxing and I don’t want to. When I finish the gym I want to go and see my family, I want to chill out. I’ve been around boxing enough to know that it can put your head away.

People are different though, Quigg feels that he has to be around boxing all the time because he’s a manufactured fighter. I’ve a natural talent. He  has hard work and a bit of talent but what I have is the natural ability to fight and I train hard too.

With Quigg everything is programmed, nothing flows, it all looked like it’s drilled into him. I’m not being disrespectful because he’s a good fighter but there’s not one thing special about him. There’s nothing that stands out, he’s a well grounded good fighter but there’s nothing spectacular.

Of course you have to give him credit for his work ethic but it’s not the case that I don’t work just as hard.

You listen to Quigg’s camp and you’d think that he’s the only boxer in the world that trains.

They don’t see what I’m doing behind closed doors, how hard it is for me to leave my kids. Christine’s like a one parent family when I’m away but I’m dedicating myself to the sport now and then by 32/33 I want to be out, it’s a hard game.

It’s not as if I wake up every day loving training — I train because I have to train, and I do it and in this camp I’ve been doing it better than ever.

The media attention for the fight has been incredible, Sky and Eddie Hearn have been doing their best to hype up Quigg because they’ve invested so much in him.

I’ve dealt with it all very easily and now it’s about ticking over this week until fight night. It’s going to be a great occasion and when the bell rings all the opinions and all the jibes will count for nothing.

It will be my time to deliver and if you ask anyone who has sparred us both who will win the fight they will say me.

The fight is in my hands and I’m very confident I will produce the goods.

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