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Carl Frampton Twitter Q&A: My first fight with Kiko Martinez was my hardest

'Frank Mitchell is Mr Miyagi, Barra Best is Daniel-san'

Carl Frampton took part in an amusing Twitter Q&A with fans on Wednesday evening.

The WBA World featherweight champion meets Santa Cruz at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on January 28 in a re-match of their pulsating clash in New York at the end of July.

The Belfast fighter Frampton took the title from the Mexican to become a two-weight World champion having earlier in the year defeated bitter rival Scott Quigg in a World super-bantamweight unification clash.

The boxer was on his way to Los Angeles for a press conference on Thursday to promote the fight.

He tweeted: "6 hours to go until I land in LA. Trying to stay awake so I don't get jet lagged. Fire in some questions to keep me occupied."

Some of the questions and Carl's replies are below:

Q. What would you say to your wee lad if he said he wanted to be a boxer?

A. I'd tell him to wise up

Q. If you had to pick a Premier League team to support - who would it be?

A. I used to follow Liverpool as a kid

Q. Brown or red sauce on sausage rolls?

A. Red. Brown sauce on a bacon sandwich though

Q. What has been the best moment of your boxing career so far?

A. Beating LSC

Q. How annoyed are you that you were overlooked for BBC SPOTY?

A. Initially annoyed a bit but already over it

Q. Who'd win in an arm wrestling contest, you or Paddy Barnes?

A. Easy win for me

Q. Favourite comedian?

A. The Big Yin, Billy Connolly. Love Micky Flanagan too

Q. Where would you like to be in five years career wise?

A. Chilling on the yacht with money in the bank

Q. What are your thoughts on Dundalk's Europa League run Carl?

A. Brilliant

Q. Your favourite place to visit in Norn Iron?

A. Portrush

Q. Does a tomato belong on a fry up?

A. Absolutely not

Q. Why do you think Mexicans do so well at featherweight?

A. Mexican fighters are the best. Taught how to fight like pros when they're babies

Q. Barra Best or Frank Mitchell?

A. Frank is the Mr Miyagi to Barra's Daniel-san

Q. What do you think of Norwich not playing big Kyle Lafferty?

A. Doesn't make sense.  The big man loves to score

Q. I'm about to read my book on Johnny Tapia. What's your favourite book if you read?

A. Read it. Outstanding book! Dark Trade by Donald McRaeis hard to beat

Q. Do you like Conor McGregor?

A. Love the McGregor

Q. Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes or Frank Lampard?

A. Frank cause he's married to Bleakley

Q. Favourite Northern Ireland player? Past or present

A. David Healy

Q. Nando's order?

A. Half a chicken, macho peas, halloumi  and a corn on a cobb. Extra cheeky though

Q. Are u really going to buy a caravan in Portrush?

That's the dream

Q. Who has been your toughest opponent to date would you say? And also hardest hitter

A. First fight with Kiko Martinez was my hardest fight. He also walloped

Q. Who's better looking Conrad Cummings or Paddy Barnes?

A. It's a tight one. Both a solid 4 out of 10 though

Carl wrapped up his Q&A tweeting: "Thanks for all the questions and sorry for not answering them all. I'm away to watch Horrible Bosses".

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