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Carl Frampton v Kiko Martinez: Belfast boy can be a hero


Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton

Not since Carl Frampton's mentor Barry McGuigan fought for the World featherweight title in 1985 has an Ulsterman prepared for a fight so eagerly awaited by the public.

Thankfully, Frampton is fighting Kiko Martinez for his IBF World title and not British rival Scott Quigg whose WBA belt is a watered down version. Cuban class act Guillermo Rigondeaux is the WBA's 'super champion' and Quigg the 'regular' champion.

Quigg can wait for another day.

Martinez has been here before, losing to Frampton in the ninth round after an exciting duel in the Odyssey but since then he has re-grouped, won the IBF World title and made two defences.

Now it's a case of repeat or revenge?

The public know they are guaranteed an event to remember on September 6 – and that is what the Frampton fight nights have become, such is the support from the hardcore boxing supporter through to the casual sports fan who wouldn't know a left hook from a fish hook.

Unbeaten Frampton is a special sporting talent and a real ambassador for Northern Ireland – and the whole of the country has got right behind the hard hitting Jackal just as they did with McGuigan in the 1980s.

Many thought we would never see a time to compare with the rise of McGuigan but now in Frampton we have a man who could well leave us with memories to match those of the Cyclone.

Nights like September 6 – wherever it is staged – usually come along once in a lifetime in Northern Ireland and any serious sports fan would be a fool not to be there.

History beckons.

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