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Carl Frampton v Scott Quigg: Even trainers square up as tension builds

IBF and WBA super-bantamweight titles. Manchester Arena, 27 February, 10,45pm.

By David Kelly

Shane McGuigan has had enough of the barbs coming his way from fellow trainer Joe Gallagher and the tension spilled over at the weigh-in when the two came together as the Jackal weighed in for tonight's showdown at the Manchester Arena.

The incident came about when IBF champion Frampton approached the scales and McGuigan felt rival Gallagher was encroaching on the space between him and the Jackal.

McGuigan said: "Scott had just weighed in and Joe had the best view at the scales. Carl came up to weigh in and Joe was still trying to take that best view. I said: 'Do me a favour and move out the way. You've had your chance and you can stand to the right and watch.'

"He wouldn't get out of my way so I told him politely or un-politely to get out of my way.

"He has given me a lot of stick and I know he can't back it up. He bottles it when the pressure is on him so it's quite funny just to see his hand shaking and trembling because he hates confrontation.

"He gives it but he can't take it. The fact is it's not about me and him - it's about our fighters. We're just assets to our boxers. He tries to take the main spot and the limelight all the time. I told him to get out of my way or he'd pay the consequences.

"I respect him as a coach but I don't like him and the fact is that he has been very disrespectful to me in the build-up and hides behind his boxers, talking a really good game."

As for tonight's showdown, McGuigan is adamant that Frampton will have an answer to everything Quigg throws at him.

"I know that Carl couldn't have looked any better in camp and I couldn't have done a better job," he added.

"Carl is the better fighter, what I lack in the corner as a young coach we make up for that because we have my dad in our team and we have George Groves and David Haye.

"George has been in the biggest UK fight of the last decade against Carl Froch in their second fight at Wembley and David has been in pay-per-view fights for years.

"Ultimately, it depends how Quigg comes out to fight but whatever happens Carl will win, whether by stoppage or points. I'm not sure Quigg is tough enough to force the pace."

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