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Carl Frampton will find strength in a painful truth

By Ruth Gorman

You live and you learn. That was the exact phrase Carl Frampton used after the fight.

Although he successfully defended his IBF World Title in El Paso on his American pro debut, it didn't go the way he had planned.

Tall and thin, Alejandro Gonzalez Jr didn't look like someone who was going to give Carl too much trouble in the build up to the fight all week, but boy could he fight.

The first round stunned everyone. For the first time in his career Carl hit the canvas not once but twice.

At odds of 22-1 for Gonzalez to win, even his Mexican support weren't expecting what they saw in the Don Haskins Centre on Saturday.

It's the most nervous I've been at any of Carl's fights, so I can only imagine how his family were feeling, ad all his fans watching at home.

His mum Flo told me afterwards that she was very anxious during the first couple of rounds and wondered if it was all too much for her son as there was pressure on him to make a big impact this side of the Atlantic.

It was obvious Carl was disappointed with his performance afterwards; he was despondent in what is normally a jubilant dressing room.

One thing I admire about him is that he is always very honest and when I interviewed him post fight he admitted he had underestimated his opponent and been caught out in the first round.

But after the dust settled, he realised he'd been part of a thrilling fight for the TV audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. One thing's for sure though, he's determined to learn from this experience and use it to come back stronger.

I can understand his frustrations but I think we saw the true champion that Carl is. Even though he wasn't at his best, he still came back from adversity and dominated the fight.

It's an absolute truth that in times of adversity and change, we discover who we really are and what we're made of. Carl Frampton went through both on his American debut 'And Still' is the champion of the world.

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