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Carl Framtpon simply doesn't have what it takes to dethrone my Josh, says trainer dad


Bring it on: Josh Warrington shows he's in the mood yesterday
Bring it on: Josh Warrington shows he's in the mood yesterday
David Kelly

By David Kelly

Sean O'Hagan took another drag on his cigarette, flicked the ash away and with the same casual aplomb dismissed the suggestion that Carl Frampton has the tools to wrench the IBF world featherweight belt away from the grasp of his son.

At the Manchester Arena this evening, O'Hagan expects Josh Warrington to bludgeon the Jackal to defeat and once again upset the odds - just as he did when dethroning Welshman Lee Selby to land the IBF belt in May at an atmospheric Elland Road.

O'Hagan has been in his son's corner throughout his rise from novice to world champion and believes Warrington will be facing Frampton at just the right time.

"If I had been offered to choose between fighting Carl or Lee Selby I would have picked Carl. His coach has talked about being a box of tricks, the full package but that's not how I see him. I think he's quite straight up and down," said O'Hagan.

"There's nothing that concerns me about the way he fights. My concerns are only for Carl. His coach Jamie Moore has said that they've got to match us but I don't think Carl can.

"He's had a lot of hard fights, he's a little older… it's a fact that he's not the fighter he once was.

"I'm not being over confident but I think Selby was the better fighter.

"Selby would have boxed Carl's head off. Carl can't maintain the pace and pace is his problem and that's where we'll win.

"I don't talk about different levels - levels this, levels that. You get people on about levels. They must be a bricklayer or lift engineers. It's boxing.

"They can talk about levels all they want but they need to get in there and do it.

"Josh has no intention of letting this go. What he wants to do now is unify the titles. That's a challenge and if we have to go to America we'll go to America.

"And there'll still be somebody saying, 'It's about levels'. I don't know what they'll say when we're unifying the titles."

O'Hagan was given great credit for the game plan he set out for his son, who outpointed Selby over 12 entertaining rounds, and he expects another such eye-catching performance.

O'Hagan added: "We've altered the strategy a little bit for this one. You train and prepare for the fighter in front of you so we've had to prepare accordingly for Carl Frampton.

"He's good at finding his range, he's good on his feet in and out and he tries to counter. We've had to accommodate that into his training.

"We're prepared for the very best Carl Frampton but I think Carl's trying to convince himself that he's going to do it.

"That's what it looks like to me, he's not really sure about it. We're 100 per cent certain.

"It just seems to me that he fell out of love with the game and now he's back in love with it. It creates that uncertainty in your mind.

"I really don't think he knows what he's chasing himself. He wants the pay days, he wants the lifetime security the same as all of us but I don't think he wants the boxing. That's how I see it."

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