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Conlan eyeing an August date at Falls Park



Ticking over: Michael Conlan is working out at his home gym

Ticking over: Michael Conlan is working out at his home gym

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Ticking over: Michael Conlan is working out at his home gym

Michael Conlan is hoping to return to the ring at Belfast's Falls Park in August, despite the coronavirus threat.

Yesterday, manager and brother Jamie had to confirm that next month's MTK Global Ulster Hall show headlined by Sean McComb had been cancelled in line with the British Board of Control's decision to call a halt to all boxing until the end of April at least.

MTK vice-president Jamie has already booked new provisional dates for late May or June.

But there has to be a real concern that all boxing will, realistically, not return until August or September due to the time period required for a training camp - particularly for those who are topping a bill.

Unbeaten featherweight star Michael was left gutted when his fight at Madison Square Garden on St Patrick's Day was cancelled due to the virus and he is continuing to work out at home in his garage gym.

Brother Jamie said: "It's all about crisis management now for all sports and boxing is no different. With regard to Michael, we're looking at getting him out in August at the Feile. We're having meetings every week to see if those plans can go ahead or whether we go to Plan B and look to push it back.

"It's a very hard time for all the boxers and some can stay in shape because they have a home gym such as Michael and a couple of our other boxers but most can only be at home or go for the odd run. That's not enough to be ready for a fight and we just don't know when we'll be able to put shows on again."

Jamie admitted that he was prepared to run shows behind closed doors in order to give his boxers some competition but that would not be possible for bigger events featuring someone with the profile of Michael.

"Sean McComb is obviously very disappointed that his show had to be cancelled and we can only hope that he can get out in June and if that meant he had to box behind closed doors then we would do it," added Jamie.

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