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Crocker keen to prove he is a new man


Lewis Crocker

Lewis Crocker aims to put down a marker for how the next 12 months could unfold as he prepares for his eight rounder with John Thain.

The Belfast man has always been known for carrying explosive power in either hand but it has been noted that his last four bouts against moderate opposition have gone the distance.

Tomorrow night in the Ulster Hall, Crocker moves up in class to face former British welterweight title challenger John Thain and is adamant that it will bring out the best in him.

"The better the opponent the better I will fight. The eight rounds also suits me because I can take my time knowing I will always have the power," said Crocker.

"I've got some experience behind me now so I feel I'm ready for this. Also I would say without doubt this is the best camp I've had - I've got a fitness that I didn't have before."

Unbeaten Crocker has teamed up with Belfast coach Dee Walsh and feels that along with improved conditioning he has also worked diligently on his ring craft.

"Working with Dee, he has drilled a lot of things into me.

"He's a real tactician and has worked me hard on certain things... and also with it being John Thain in front of me, that has made me work harder.

"My birthday was at the start of January and if this had been a journeyman I could have gone out but this time I didn't.

"I've changed and upped my game and I'm very confident you're going to see the best performance from me so far."

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