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Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley: Mexican has made a huge mistake by taking a voluntary title defence against top-class rival Frampton

By Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley

I can't understand for the life of me why Santa Cruz is making a voluntary title defence against a guy who is unbeaten and a former unified World champion.

A voluntary defence means you fight a guy with one arm, one leg and one eye - someone you're well capable of beating. But Frampton is unbeaten and won two World titles. Why would you want to fight someone like that unless you had to?

I think it's a really big mistake. This is such a close fight, in my eyes Frampton has just as big a chance of beating Santa Cruz as Santa Cruz has of beating him.

Whichever one has the best performance on the night will win, and that's the way I'm leaning. It's too close to call.

Santa Cruz is by far the best opponent Frampton has ever fought, and that applies to the Mexican as well, this is by far the best opponent he's ever fought. They're two guys who are both at the top of their game.

If the fight had have been in Belfast I would have given Frampton the edge, but because it's in America I think it's a 50-50 fight and each has as good a chance of winning as the other.

Frampton is a very powerful fighter. This guy will never have been hit as hard as Carl can hit, he's a really good puncher. If he hits this guy on the chin, he can knock him out.

Equally, Santa Cruz can punch. They can both box, they can both punch, they can both fight and they've both already proven they are great World champions.

In my eyes you're delving into the dark, nobody knows who's going to win. I think it's too close to call.

But apparently Santa Cruz would have come over to Belfast to fight. If the reports were true, he said he'd fight Carl anywhere.

I would have given Carl the edge in Belfast.

Larne's Dave McAuley retained the IBF Flyweight World title five times

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