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Eamonn Magee Jnr to be guided to the top by his dad

By David Kelly

Eamonn Magee knows all about the highs and lows of professional boxing and now he aims to guide his son, Eamonn jnr to title glory.

Throughout his own career Eamonn snr – the most naturally talented Irish fighter of his generation – made mistakes which meant he never fulfilled his true potential and he is adamant the same will not happen to his 21-year-old son.

Father and son have come together on the back of resolving a fall-out between the two, which initially saw Eamonn jnr starting out as part of the Alan Wilton camp when enjoying a successful debut earlier this month.

But having thrashed out any differences, they are now starting out on a journey – along with manager John Breen – which both know will not be easy.

Magee snr, known as the Terminator when winning Commonwealth and WBU titles, said: "I'm extremely happy that we have sorted everything out because I really believe – and not just because he's my son – that he has a real future in the game.

"I've been 37 years in the game at every level and I know what it takes to get to the top and when he comes through the door of the gym I'm not his dad, I'm the boss and he has to listen.

"He'll be treated like every other boxer, there'll be no favours and he'll have to work as hard as anyone and he knows that.

"I don't think that he could have any better people guiding him than myself and John Breen. We have a proven record with fighters and we know everyone in the game.

"I know that I made mistakes in my career, I know the good things that I did as well and Eamonn is going to get all that experience. And we're all still learning, you learn every day you come to the gym.

"He'll be boxing at lightweight and I think he's going to be very strong at the weight.

"The only thing we now have to work out is a promotional agreement because he needs to be boxing regularly and he needs the right push."

Eamonn jnr, who will start a Sports Technology degree at Jordanstown in September, has no doubt that, with his dad and John Breen in his corner, he will have a bright future in the ring.

"I think I was being a bit too stubborn at the start but my dad and I went for a walk and had a good chat and I was pleased that any issues we had could be sorted out and now I want to listen to him and John because they can take me to the top," said Eamonn jnr.

"I know there are going to be comparisons made between me and my dad and that's alright but I hope that after a while people will eventually judge me on my own ability. I had a good debut and I just want to stay busy.

"My dad has been there and done it and he can give me advice on every aspect of the sport and if I could do something similar to what he achieved that would be fantastic.

"I certainly think the pro game suits me a lot better than the amateurs."

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