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Eamonn O'Kane: It all points towards another success for Jackal

By Eamonn O'Kane

I think Frampton will have a lot more in his locker. Santa Cruz is a tough, durable guy who will throw a lot of punches, but the Jackal will have that bit extra.

I don't think he'll stop him because Santa Cruz is tough enough as well, and he really knows how to box, but technically I think Carl has everything in his locker to out-box him and to puzzle him.

I'll say a points victory for Carl, and a good boxing lesson for Santa Cruz!

Going up a weight division is definitely something he'll have to factor in to it but he has a good team around him and I'm sure conditioning-wise he's spot on.

He was always strong at super-bantamweight level, so that isn't a problem because he's strong anyway.

Santa Cruz isn't the strongest featherweight about. He throws a lot of punches, he has long arms and he's tall, and those will be a challenge for Carl - how does he get past his reach and volume of punches?

Carl was a super strong super-bantam and he's a strong fella, but most importantly I think his boxing ability is better than Santa Cruz's. So I think Carl will get a good points victory.

I think it's a big mistake on their part to voluntarily defend against Frampton. I think they must be underestimating him due to him being a lighter weight and being a bit smaller. They're going to be surprised.

Because it's voluntary they think it's a given that they're going to bully a smaller opponent, which is good for Carl. But Carl is as strong as they come and I think he's the better boxer.

Derry ace Eamonn O'Kane held the intercontinental middleweight crown

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