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Former world champion Carl Froch open to a comeback

Carl Froch has revealed he is training every day because he remains open to offers for a return to boxing.

The 38-year-old announced his retirement in July after 14 months out of the ring following his defeat of George Groves.

Since James DeGale has won the IBF super-middleweight title Froch once vacated, however, a potential spring fight with the Olympic gold medallist has become a temptation, but Froch is also adamant that next year is his deadline and that he has no intention of returning after 2016.

"I always said once I've retired, I won't come back but just lately now, 18 months on from my last fight, I'm starting to think to myself 'You know what? I'm fit, I'm strong, I'm in good shape'," Froch said.

"There's nobody at my weight where I'm thinking 'I'm worried about him', not even Andre Ward.

"If I did fancy it, I'm thinking spring next year. I'm training every day. I'm not doing much punching, but my fitness is up.

"If I was going to fight again, and it's a big if, I'd be ready for next year. Another slice of the action, another snippet in the limelight, a massive fight, all the attention on me - I'm not an attention seeker but it's just relighting that old flame.

"I'm not missing it, I'm not saying I'm going to fight again, but if I was going to it'd have to be next year, or the door's shut.

"It'd be a one-fight comeback. I'd beat DeGale, it's an easy job for me, and he's world champion. Come back, get my old belt back, show them all how it's done, and then retire. There'd be something satisfying about that.

"But it's a big if. The desire's gone, it's getting the desire back."

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