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Frampton coach Shane frustrated at performance but relishing rematch with Santa Cruz


Fighting talk: coach Shane McGuigan gives Frampton encouragement between rounds

Fighting talk: coach Shane McGuigan gives Frampton encouragement between rounds

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Fighting talk: coach Shane McGuigan gives Frampton encouragement between rounds

Shane McGuigan says he is relishing the opportunity of preparing Carl Frampton for a third encounter with Leo Santa Cruz.

Coach McGuigan's reaction to the first defeat of the Belfast man's professional career was one of utter frustration as his charge didn't execute the performance he expected and now he wants to see the record put straight.

"It's very disappointing. I thought the problem was that Carl's feet were not very fast, he was a little bit off. He lost the first round badly and after that I felt he was knocked completely off his game plan," said McGuigan.

"He couldn't get his feet going, we knew in the later rounds he was probably down… I was saying to him you have to use your feet more. But at the same time you have to win rounds and some times he was using his feet beautifully but he wasn't doing enough to win rounds. And when it's close on the cards you've got to give it to Santa Cruz because we're away from home.

"I didn't think he boxed anywhere near his best and I believe that if we get him in the trilogy that he can win the fight, no doubt about it."

McGuigan's frustration was also combined with a sense of bewilderment having gone into the fight after a 15-week training regime in which the Jackal was looking as good as ever.

"We had a great camp so it's strange. In the changing room he seemed a little bit drowsy… he was very calm and he knew what he wanted to do but didn't implement it in the first round and then just forced everything and it just shows how tough a guy Carl is, a gritty guy that he can keep digging deep.

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"I told him to stop loading up in the inside, I wanted to see him use his speed more. He became a bit too predictable, walking into hard shots and got caught far too square.

"I was telling him it in the corner, that he was looking for far too much power and he needed to let the hands go but he seemed to just feel a bit off and he was trying to force it too much. I had it a draw but it was a close fight and you have to say that Leo fought a great fight.

"It wasn't Carl's best performance, if he had used more head movement then it would have been different. He's much better than what he showed and we didn't see what he had been doing in camp."

McGuigan came in for some criticism from Sky pundit and former World cruiserweight champion Johnny Nelson, who commented: "It was exactly the type of fight I thought it was going to be - except this time Santa Cruz deservedly got the win. But I'm a bit disappointed with Carl's corner and I say this as a big fan of Shane McGuigan. I didn't think the corner was very helpful. We heard every round what Carl was doing wrong but we weren't actually told what he needed to actually do. I found that very frustrating."

Frampton's coach dismissed the criticism, saying: " I know that Johnny Nelson gave me some stick but I know what I was saying in the corner, I know the advice I was giving and what I wanted Carl to do."

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