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From Frankie Boyle to Taylor Swift, 15 things you probably didn't know about Olympic boxer Paddy Barnes


Boxer Paddy Barnes

Boxer Paddy Barnes

Boxer Paddy Barnes

Northern Ireland’s Olympic boxing hero Paddy Barnes who will jet off to next year's Games in Brazil answers some searching questions from the Telegraph's Steven Beacom.

15. Is there one sporting moment you would like to experience all over again: Probably fighting the semi-final in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and this time I would score a point! (At the time Paddy was fuming after he lost 15-0  to China's Zou Shiming. How he didn't win at least a point from the judges remains a mystery to this day). 

14. Is there one moment in your career you would like to erase: Everything that I have done good or bad I would probably do again. I don't regret anything. I may have done and said some stupid things in the past but that's who I am, so I'm not going to change it.

13. Which one sports star inspires you: No one. I could just throw you out a name, but I'd be lying.

12. What one sportsperson would you like to spend a day with: Tony McCoy. Legend.

11. What one sports event would you like to see: I love watching the hurling and would love to go to Dublin to see the All-Ireland hurling final. That would be fantastic. I've always wanted to go to it.

10. What's your one favourite sporting moment, not involving yourself: Being at Celtic Park when Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1 in the Champions League group stages. The atmosphere that night was unbelievable.

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9. If you could only follow one person on Twitter, who would it be: There is only one person that I really want to follow and he has blocked me. It is the comedian Frankie Boyle. I don't know why he blocked me. I was devastated!

8. What's the one piece of advice you would give to any young sports star: Set out goals and believe that anything, and I mean anything, no matter who you are or where you come from, is possible if you work hard enough and dedicate yourself to your sport.

7. What's the one thing you hate about sport: The politics in sport and people making key decisions who are too big for their boots.

6. What one rule would you change in sport: The offside rule in football. If I was in charge of sport I would have no offside in football. That would shake things up a bit.

5. What one song do you like to listen to: My favourite at the moment is Taylor Swift's song, Style.

4. What is the one TV show you don't like to miss: Every single day I watch Friends, so I'll go for that.

3. The one person you would like to play you in a movie: I know... it has to be Mini-Me from Austin Powers (Verne Troyer)!

2. What one wish would you like to come true: I want to fly! I've always wanted to fly.

1. What is the one thing that makes you happiest? Spending time with my family.

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