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How the rounds unfolded between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather called time on his career "for sure" with a 50-0 record gained by beating UFC star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

Here, Press Association Sport's Declan Warrington runs through the rounds.

1. The awkward McGregor started with confidence as the aggressor but despite maintaining a high pace, landed little beyond a reasonable left uppercut while Mayweather chose to read him. It was the one round given to McGregor by all three judges.

2. The second was when McGregor was first warned by referee Robert Byrd for punching behind the head, which became a recurring theme, but McGregor looked amateurish as Mayweather landed two crisp, accurate right hands.

3. Again McGregor was warned about punching behind the head, which he did blatantly, and he remained awkward. This was his most successful round owing to his work-rate and Mayweather's lack thereof.

4. The Irishman fights with renewed aggression but Mayweather's exceptional defence nullifies any threat he poses, and allows him to land with a classic right-hand counter to the chin as his opponent begins to unravel.

5. Mayweather begins to dictate terms and increasingly walk the bigger McGregor down, consistently landing with both left and right hands.

6. The American is turned by McGregor, who repeatedly threw punches from behind, mostly at the back of the head, and which still went unpunished. Mayweather's aggression then continued to increase as he repeatedly landed the sharp right hands that have been responsible for so much of his success.

7. The seventh largely proved a continuation of the sixth as the tiring McGregor continues to unravel, and Mayweather continues to land in ease. The difference between their judgement of distance and timing is as obvious as it is influential.

8. Mayweather begins pressure fighting in a way that he hasn't any opponent since fighting in lighter weight divisions. He demonstrates minimal respect for the increasingly tired 29-year-old's threat, doesn't seem hurt by punches that come his way, and is very much in a comfort zone.

9. In a last act of desperation McGregor threw a low blow that hurt Mayweather. The 40-year-old continues to land hurtful right hands, often leaving the exhausted McGregor desperately clinging on. Despite the absence of a knockdown, Press Association Sport scored this round 10-8 to Mayweather.

10. The inevitable conclusion followed when the stumbling McGregor was unable to defend himself from repeated sharp and accurate right hands, forcing Byrd to intervene and rescue him after one minute and five seconds.

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