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It's Paddy Barnes v Paddy Power: Olympic boxer receives 'cease and desist' letter over copyright infringement claim

By Allan Preston and Jonny Bell

Boxer Paddy Barnes has got into a fight even before arriving in Rio for the Olympic Games - with Irish online betting firm Paddy Power.

The double Olympic bronze medallist from Belfast, who has just launched a range of branded sports gear, reacted angrily when the bookmaker sent him a 'cease and desist' letter alleging copyright infringement.

Posting a picture of the letter on Twitter, Mr Barnes wrote angrily: "WTF Paddy Power!

"What are ya doing to me? F*** off with your letter. Don't need this, training for Rio!"

Yesterday Paddy Power pleaded with the boxer to contact the firm directly.

"We'll sort this out offline," a company spokesman said.

Not ready to throw in the towel, the boxer hit back with another expletive-filled jab: "Don't need a court case now.

"Thought ya'd be too busy coming up with s**** ads."

Extending an olive branch, the bookie tweeted: "Sorry Paddy. The big bosses got involved. It's not what we wanted."

On Wednesday morning the two appeared to have come to an agreement with Barnes tweeting that he was "glad" they could sort out the issue.

Paddy Power said someone at its headquarters "jumped the gun" in sending out the letter concerning the boxer's logo used on a new range of sportwear.

They have agreed a brief - given strict Olympic sponsorship rules - partnership set to be announced on Friday.

A spokesman added: "Everyone has come to their senses and both parties are satisfied with a partnership going forward."

While Paddy Power had alleged copyright infringement, the company itself has been accused of similar breaches in the past.

Last year Roy Keane launched a legal action against the bookie after it used his image on a billboard portraying the Republic's assistant manager as William Wallace, as played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart. The case was settled confidentially out of court.

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