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Kiko has raised the bar, but Carl holds the quality to clear it

By Brian Magee

I think Carl has to be the favourite to win the fight because of what happened the last time but you have to say since then, Kiko has gone on and won the World title and made two defences so he's going to be confident.

If Kiko is to win then it's all down to his power and whether or not he can make the big improvements he needs to in order to beat Carl.

It's probably the biggest test that Carl has had since the first fight with Kiko and that time he came through with flying colours, though I do think Kiko will be a different fighter now that he has won the World title – it does take you to another level and his confidence will obviously be higher.

But I just think that Carl has Kiko's number and that's the way it is sometimes in boxing, someone just has your number and always beats you. Carl's fitness is fantastic, I've seen him work out in my gym and you can see the dedication and determination he has – he's an all-round boxer.

He won't get caught out if he has to stand with a fighter because he can hit very hard and against a boxer he has the skills to handle that style too.

He's become a huge name now and it's going to be a special occasion on Saturday night. There's obviously been a lot of hype around the fight but he has got used to that and I'm sure he'll handle it alright.

So if I was pushed I would say that Carl will win clearly on points or maybe even by a late stoppage around the 10th or 11th round, but probably points.

Tomorrow: Two-time WBO World Champion Steve Collins casts his Expert Eye over the fight

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