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Proud Christine Frampton in Texas to cheer Carl to another win

By Ruth Gorman

For the first time yesterday, Carl Frampton and his opponent Alejandro Gonzalez Junior faced the media together at the Don Haskins Centre where they will lock horns on Saturday.

It's not the first time they have met, however.

You may be surprised to learn that the boxers are staying in the same hotel here in El Paso.

I asked Carl if this was strange for him but he said it doesn't affect him at all.

Both fighters are respectful of each other, and although they don't ask how each other's day has been when they bump into each other, they will say hello in passing.

Both are training in different gyms to ensure they don't give away any secrets to each other.

Some people are of the opinion that this will be an easy fight for Carl but he is certainly not expecting that.

He expects an awkward fight as Gonzalez is tall and rangy.

And he knows the Mexican's dad won the world title as an underdog so the family will be convincing Gonzalez that he can do the same.

When you see Carl in training you realise that the Belfast man is not leaving any stone unturned for this fight and that he's prepared for every possible scenario.

Carl's family arrived late on Wednesday night and met up with him at his hotel.

His mum and dad, along with wife Christine, and his mother in law were in the travelling party. They have left the kids at home with Christine's family.

Carl and Christine didn't consider bringing them as they're just too young. Carla is five and Rossa is eight months.

Christine has been to each of Carl's 20 fights so far and is always the first person he calls over after the contest.

She is just as excited as Carl about the start of his American adventure and believes her husband will be just as popular on this side of the Atlantic as he is back home.

He made a bee line for her when he saw her sitting waiting for the press conference to begin.

Behind every good man is a good woman and that's certainly the case for our world champion.

Ruth Gorman reports from Texas each night for UTV Live

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