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Remarkable Carl Frampton could make millions in next few years

Public relations expert brands triumphant fighter the David Beckham of boxing and predicts mammoth payday as US takes humble new kid on the block into its heart

By Nevin Farrell

Carl Frampton can do more than rule the ring in years to come - he can also be the king of bling by raking in millions, a Northern Ireland public relations expert has claimed.

Independent PR advisor Neil Lynas said that after his heroics in New York the down-to-earth boxer from Belfast can capitalise financially and land knock-out endorsement deals, especially in America, where fight fans took him into their hearts.

Mr Lynas added that after Rory McIlroy, Frampton was the "most marketable" sportsman in Northern Ireland, explaining that the amount of money he can make for himself was of "telephone number" proportions.

It is believed Frampton will make one million dollars from the weekend fight alone, with the world now his oyster, according to Mr Lynas.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "What he has done and achieved is truly like the David Beckham of the boxing world. (There is) the commercial spin-offs - you have Ray-Ban right through to clothing companies.

"With the Irish blood running through him, the big corporations will see him as a hero and his brand equity will soar.

"Carl is so humble and I think it is very clear that America has already fallen in love with him. He is pushing at an open door and his commercial team will be able to tie down lots of very lucrative deals.

"He looks the part and he says the right things.

"I have managed Formula One drivers from Ireland before and got them to America, and the big bucks come when you prove your worth.

"I would perhaps even go as far as to say that he will move out to America, because that is where his sponsorship and base will be.

"Boxing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, next to Formula One. We are talking telephone numbers, and if you prove your worth the sky is the limit for you.

"I would say he could easily make ten million over the next couple of years. That would involve key commercial deals and could be a couple of million each.

"America is a vast place and 40% of the population can trace their roots back to Ireland.

"There are a lot of tax breaks in America too. It is really down to his management. If they are open, that is the key.

"It will be very easily done over the next six months.

"I think there is a real novelty factor in America for this young lad, Carl Frampton from Belfast, a new kid on the block and a new world champion.

"Right now I would say he is the most marketable guy, aside from Rory McIlroy, to come from Northern Ireland."

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