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Tyson Fury tells those who signed BBC SPOTY petition: 'You are 50,000 w-----s'


Top of world: Tyson Fu

Top of world: Tyson Fu


Top of world: Tyson Fu

Tyson Fury has again gone on the offensive after being accused of making homophobic and sexist comments, calling the thousands of people who have signed a petition demanding his removal from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist "50,000 w-----s".

The World heavyweight champion, who stunned Wladimir Klitschko to win the WBA, IBF and WBO belts last weekend, insists he would be the only worthy winner even if he has little interest in the award.

In a thinly-veiled swipe at Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and Davis Cup winner Andy Murray, Fury told IFL TV: "I can honestly say I'm not really interested in winning BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

"I know for a million per cent I've got more personality in the end of my little finger than the whole of the nomination group put together. And everybody knows that. Everybody in the country knows that.

"I've got more personality in my little toe than they've all got put together so if it comes to personality there's only one winner. If it comes to sporting achievements there's only one winner.

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"What personality does it take to drive a car around a track 100 times or hit a ball back and forth. That's not very personality is it?"

When questioned about the petition demanding his removal from the nominations, Fury added: "50,000 w-----s. That's what I say about them. If anybody else wants to add to them they can add to their numbers can't they."

The 27-year-old also reiterated his views on women after earlier saying that Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill "slaps up good" and "looks good in a dress", adding that "a woman's best place is in the kitchen and on her back".

He said in the latest interview: "I'm a little bit backward. I didn't really go to school. Which part of a woman looks good in a dress is sexist?

"Or was it about the cooking and cleaning? I stand up for my beliefs. My wife's there [standing alongside Fury]. Her job is cooking and cleaning and looking after these kids. That's it.

"She does get to make some decisions. What she's going to cook me for tea in a bit when I get home. That's the decisions what she gets to make. That's my beliefs, just like I believe in Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour and if anyone wants to dispute that let them do it. Am I bothered? No.

"My belief is that my wife should be at home looking after my kids and cooking and cleaning. She's a very privileged woman to have a husband like me. Not everyone's in her position but the ones who are are very lucky. That's my opinion."

Asked if he was a role model, he said: "People should look up to me. Young kids. I am a good role model. I'll show them how men should really be. Real men. And kids can take note from that. I am a good role model. Lots of kids look up to me.

"This week has taught me that when you're at the top of the world everybody wants to bring you down. But they're never going to do it."

The heavyweight champion, who is due to face Klitschko in a rematch next year, also insisted he was unfazed by the criticism this week, telling the doubters to "suck my balls".

"I'm not really interested to be honest," he said. "They can say what they want about me but they can't knock my achievement. I beat the man who nobody can beat. So until someone can go in and beat him again then they can suck my balls.

"I am Tyson Fury, Gypsy King, nuff said."

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