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Tyson Fury trainer Ben can go all the way to top in boxing, insists Hatton


Talented: Ben Davison is making a big name for himself
Talented: Ben Davison is making a big name for himself

By Declan Warrington

Ricky Hatton believes Tyson Fury's trainer, Ben Davison, is on course to prove himself "one of the best".

For all of Fury's previous success under his respected uncle Peter, it was only once he began working with the then little-known Davison that he rediscovered his motivation for boxing and recovered from struggling against suicide and depression.

Because Tyson's uncle Peter Fury was credited with inspiring his victory over Wladimir Klitschko, it contributed to questions surrounding Davison's promotion as much as his inexperience and youth, but since Fury performed so impressively against Deontay Wilder those questions have largely ceased.

Hatton joined the decorated Freddie Roach in assisting Fury that night in December, and while Roach has not been retained Hatton will again work his corner tonight against Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas.

"Ben's very knowledgeable, boxing-wise," Hatton said. "He's a young coach; he's very good, and works in my gym. He's one of the best in the making.

"Look what he's done with Tyson. That shows natural talent.

"He's Tyson's mate. He's been there through the bad times with him. He's barely been six foot away from him during the past two years and got Tyson back on track and through his mental problems. When Tyson looks in the corner he knows Ben's there for him, not a pay cheque.

"If you look at Tyson now he's better than he was when he beat Klitschko. The Wilder he fought would have beaten Klitschko and look what Tyson did to him after two comeback fights."

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