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Tyson itching to get back into ring and insists Wilder rematch isn't signed


Face to face: Tyson Fury and his opponent Tom Schwarz
Face to face: Tyson Fury and his opponent Tom Schwarz

By Declan Warrington

Tyson Fury finally engaged in mind games with Tom Schwarz as he prepares to fight in Las Vegas for the first time.

The 30-year-old headlines at the revered MGM Grand tonight, his first outing since meeting WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in December last year when they fought to a thrilling draw.

This fight was made with the intention of furthering Fury's growing profile in the US.

Even by Fury's standards he has proved engaging in the build-up to this fight, making his struggles with depression and suicide known to the US audience and even complimenting Schwarz on his appearance in a largely tension-free preamble.

The 25-year-old German has similarly not attempted to intimidate Fury ahead of the biggest fight of his life, but on the eve of nearing his lifelong ambition of fighting in Vegas, Fury questioned if he will be properly prepared.

His remarkable performance against Wilder, after close to three-and-a-half years of inactivity, demonstrated that his natural talent had not waned.

"I've been out of the ring for over six months, so I'll have to start again," Fury said.

"I only had six months of activity before that. They spoke about (Gennady) Golovkin being out of the ring for nine months as his biggest lay-off ever; I've just had seven.

"Seven months out of the ring is a hell of a long time. I hope I'm going to get active this next six months. The first six months of this year have been quite terrible because I didn't get the fight I wanted and have been made to wait until June.

"Going 12 rounds with Deontay Wilder doesn't give me any confidence. It actually makes me have concerns. I thought I could get Deontay Wilder out of there within six rounds, so having to go 12 with him wasn't great.

"I should have done better.

"Against Wilder I was 17st 12lbs; today I'm 18st 12lbs. (But) I've put on a stone of muscle in all of the right places."

Suggestions persist that Fury has already agreed terms for a rematch with Wilder next year, which will be even more in demand following Anthony Joshua's shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr, but he insisted that those suggestions remain premature.

"Deontay Wilder's living his life in my reputation and the fight he had with me," he said.

"I'm here headlining in Vegas, and he's (saying) 'I want a rematch with Tyson to try and get that loss out of my mind'. He knows he was beaten soundly.

"I'm enjoying my life, thinking about Tom Schwarz, and every time Wilder looks in the mirror he knows he lost a fight. I'm the only unbeaten heavyweight at the top; Wilder's lost, Joshua's lost and Ruiz has lost. They've all lost apart from me.

"I haven't agreed to anything past Tom Schwarz."

Schwarz has vowed to retire after establishing himself as the world's leading heavyweight by becoming the first to defeat Tyson Fury.

The German fights out of Europe for the first time at the MGM Grand, where he has been selected as Fury's opponent on the occasion of the Briton's first fight in the Sin City.

The little-known Schwarz has been presented with the opportunity to transform his life in the same way as Ruiz Jr, and having fought out of Germany for almost his entire career and admired the great Klitschkos from afar, he is convinced Fury is the world's best.

It is for that reason that if he secures victory as the underdog in a non-title fight, Schwarz believes he will already have peaked as a professional fighter and insists he will then never fight again.

Schwarz said: "When I beat Tyson Fury, I will retire.

"I'll have fought the best in the world and won against the best of the world. I'll be the best in the world. This will be bigger than winning a world heavyweight title. He beat Klitschko so he's the best.

"His message (about depression and mental health) is very great and people love him.

"Now I know him; I saw him eye-to-eye. At a staredown he can behave how he wants.

"He respects me and I respect Tyson Fury."

Schwarz was referring to Fury attempting to entertain those present at Wednesday's final Press conference, when he told the German at their face-off that he was "good looking".

As the significant underdog a potential victory would likely prove as big a shock as Ruiz Jr's win over Joshua, which took place just two weeks ago at New York's Madison Square Garden and changed the landscape of the heavyweight division, as well as the owner of the IBF, WBA and WBO titles.

"It was a great fight, the little fat boy f**** Joshua," added Schwarz, who like Fury is undefeated.

"It was great; emotional.

"I watched thinking I could be the next person to do this."

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