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Uncle Peter is expecting Tyson Fury to shock world

By David Kelly

Should Tyson Fury shock the world tomorrow night in Dusseldorf, he will be quick to hail the impact of uncle Peter on his career.

As usual, Peter Fury will be in the corner of the World heavyweight title challenger when he clashes with the number one in the division Wladimir Klitschko.

Since taking over as Tyson's coach midway through his career, Peter has transformed his conditioning and given him a much greater focus when it comes to fight time.

Now the two men face their biggest challenge in the shape of WBA, IBF and WBO World heavyweight champion Klitschko and Peter is adamant that his nephew can land the biggest prize in sport.

Indeed, Peter believes that it will be the first time that Klitschko faces someone who can do serious damage to the big Ukrainian's armour.

"Win, lose or draw the public are going to see a proper World heavyweight title fight and they haven't seen that in a very long time. You have to go back to when Lennox Lewis fought Wladimir's brother Vitali or Riddick Bowe against Evander Holyfield," said Peter.

"This Saturday night you're going to see an exciting heavyweight fight. The difference between Tyson and Klitschko's previous opponents is that Tyson is a world class, big, athletic, elite boxer. None of the guys before had all those credentials.

"We're finally going to find out if Klitschko can handle someone who's as big as him, if not a little bigger and heavier. The previous opponents were nearly men but Tyson is the real deal, he's a whole different ball game to the men that Klitschko has fought before.

"The men before were too limited, they only had plan A. Today there are too many heavyweights just focused on doing weights and getting bulky - but they're not athletes, and that's what Tyson is.

"The timing is perfect for Tyson. I wouldn't say it's bad for Klitschko because he's at the top of his game but for Tyson it is ideal. He's 27, he's developed a lot as a fighter and he's ready to win the World heavyweight title.

"Of course one punch can change everything, you can put someone to sleep - that's heavyweight boxing but we are ready for a very hard fight and you are going to see a very exciting Tyson Fury."

While Tyson is seen as the underdog at the bookmakers, Peter feels he will rise to the occasion and stun the boxing world.

"I think Klitschko is looking back at Tyson's previous fights and judging him on that. He's a very clever man and he's a great athlete - you can't take that away from Klitschko so he will be very well prepared but he is going to be facing a whole new Tyson.

"Tyson is going to go to a whole new level. Everything that we have been working on has come together, the skill set is there, he's in the best shape of his career. Previously the best shape he was in was when he was ready to fight David Haye. He was down at 18st 7lb but he's down at 18st 2lb. Mentally and physically he couldn't be in better condition."

As for the return of Haye to the heavyweight scene, that is something that has little interest for the Fury camp - on the back of the former World champion withdrawing from a fight with Tyson on two separate occasions.

"A fight with David Haye is not going to happen because of the way we were treated the last time. Team Fury wish him well but we want no part of him whatsoever," added Peter, who believes victory would set Tyson up for some major money-spinning fights.

"The route for Tyson would be Deontay Wilder, the WBC champion, and Anthony Joshua - over the next 18 months those are the fights we want."

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